Blog #1

Apr 21, 2022

I remember years ago... I just married my husband who talked a lot about retirement. He was years away from the event, it was foremost on his mind. He worked for the United States Post Office and perhaps the daily-ness of his perpetual schedule of clocking in and out drew him to this dreaming phase of his life, but I was unsettled. Retirement was not on my radar, in my vocabulary or something my family had aspired to. My initial reactions were angst, confusion and maybe, if I could bring myself to be completely honest disgust. I aimed to live each day to it's fullest, in a place of delight and gratefulness for each new day.

Growing up in communities on the west coast of Vancouver Island I loved the adventures of the wild and was deeply acquainted with the grief of lives shortened by early deaths. Many died young and unpredictably in remote places without adequate medical care and additional resources needed for safety and security. From that place of sadness came a stubborn insistence that each new day was a gift and I breathed in the goodness of our Creator, and breathed out my worries and cares.

Growing in love and understanding of my husband Tom and all he carried, I realized over time that my reactions towards his longings were short sighted and unkind when and if I responded negatively toward him. His journey was different than mine and I came to love his longing and eventually wanted retirement for him, as he did. It was a grand celebration when the time came and an early retirement has allowed him freedoms extraordinaire to care for me (LOL), for our family, for others, our yard etc. His freedom has brought us both joy. Imagine...

And now, with all my judgment packaged in a black box in my heart (turning lighter shades), I am now retired myself... well almost. Slowly working myself out of one calling to another would be perhaps a better way to put it.

As of October 1, 2021, I am no longer the Executive Director of Northwest Family Life. Erika Gilbert, a very lovely, talented and may I say... precious woman, has taken that position, and I am beyond honored and grateful. She and the team at Northwest Family Life and well poised to carry on the work of addressing domestic violence, trauma and related issues and I am thrilled.

As for me, my work is shifting. With now an ever expanding family, a terribly often dangerous world, a desire to embody the gifts of the spirit~ love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, temperance and faith... oh, and did I leave out patience... I am moving toward publishing more of my reflections and building into communities more opportunities to 'love one another'.

It's simple really. One moment at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time, one family at a time, one congregation/parish/community at a time. I believe more than ever before that where love is, God is and conversely, where God is~ love is.

There has been so much exposure these past few years on the harm within the church and it's leadership. In the name of God? In the name of love? We need to talk about this!!! ( stay tuned for more)

Thank you for being with me on this journey. Together, we make a difference!!
Love, Nancy


PS. If you would like to read chapters of what I am writing for a new book, please make a comment below. I will send you a fabulous gift of one of my favorite books and drafted copies of my writing for your edits and comments.
PPS. If you know me~ I may say too much and definitely need your help to contain myself. And, if you really know me~ you know I need accountability to move things forward in a timely way. So THANK YOU!!