Do you have a complex situation you would like to talk through?

This is truly my HAPPY Place! Consulting with others engaged in the issues of violence, trauma, suffering and recovery brings me absolute joy!

First, I get to meet really cool people, engaged in important work and I find this truly lifegiving.

Secondly, it gives me an opportunity to brainstorm with you in ways that allow for safety, mourning, storytelling, accountability and reconciliation wherever possible.

I provide consultations for:

  • Therapists Advocates
  • Treatment providers
  • Churches
  • Workplaces and,
  • Family members

Individual Counselling

I meet for 50 mins @ $150 per session.

(scholarships available)


Organization Consultation

This is a weekly group consultation for 60 mins @ $40 per week.

Here, I introduce you to others doing great work for inspiration, collaboration, resources and questions and answers. The support is priceless.

You will leave feeling energized and empowered in your work to end violence.