We can no longer ignore the reality of domestic violence... especially within the church.

  • Victims suffer alone
  • Perpetrators don't get help
  • Children are learning what they live
  • Friends, family and support systems are burning out

I teach how to move beyond domestic violence to compassion and connection.


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I offer online courses that are designed to educate and empower those who are engaging in the work of ending domestic violence. Learn and grow with us as together, we make a difference!



Here are the People and Projects I am connected with who are doing good and important work. You will also find good reading materials of mine and others that I’m confident you will find helpful!



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Why Learn From Me?

Because I care about this issue and want to connect with you if you do too!!
Over the past 30 years:

  • I've raised over $20 million dollars for services to victims of domestic violence in my work as Executive Director of Northwest Family Life, based in Seattle WA.
  • I've trained and assisted over 100 masters level therapists to build trauma informed private practices.
  • I've presented at the UN on four occasions, presented before the US Congress, House Committees and the Helsinki Commission.
  • I've consulted with The Vietnamese Women's Association in Vietnam, trained in Cambodia, Moldova, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Scotland, Canada and the US for various organizations including World Vision, YWAM, ICAP.
  • I've taught as Adjunct Professor at The Seattle School for Theology and Psychology, Antioch University and Bakke Graduate School, guest lecturing for others.
  • I train advocates to provide support groups.
  • I trained therapists to offer state certified domestic violence treatment providers and lead a men’s group.
  • I carry a selective caseload as a licensed mental health counselor and clinical supervisor.
  • I have researched and published on domestic violence, focusing on Christian faith responses.


"I am so grateful for your presence and encouragement during the difficult events of our family’s life. There is no other way to see it but at the time of greatest trauma, we needed you - just talking to you helped enormously. May the lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and give you peace. With appreciation and a full heart of gratitude."

Ruth C

"I knew DV happened but I was not educated or heard real testimonies that felt so close to home. This course informed and educated me on the behavior of the victim and abuser. I feel more aware on the prevention and resources in my community to help someone in the situation of DV."

Dr. RG

"There have been a lot of questions that have been answered the hard way through time, yet, your course was paramount to better understanding and learning and for many that knows little about broaching the subject with victim, or batterer. Thank you!"


"I took her course in 2004 and continue to be inspired by her to this day and will forever consider her to be a mentor. She genuinely cared and helped guide and encourage me while in my graduate studies and beyond. I feel in some way that God placed her in my path to not only guide me toward my career, but to help heal some of my brokenness as she modeled genuine love and compassion even in difficult times and spaces."

Dr. Kristie Williams


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