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PUBLICATIONS to READ, that I have written


Speaking Up! A Christian Response to Domestic Violence. Third Place Press. 2014

God’s Reconciling Love: A Pastor’s Handbook On Domestic Violence. FaithTrust Institute, 2003


Research Papers

A Christian Response to Domestic Violence: D.Min. Dissertation, 2005

An Overview of the Characteristics of the Clients at a Faith-Based Batterers’ Intervention Program (co-authored with Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD, Barbara Fisher-Townsend, MA, and Lanette Ruff, MA. Journal of Religion & Abuse, Vol. 5(4) 2004

Celebrating The Graduates: An Exploration Into The Nature And Extent Of Change In The Lives Of Men Who Have Graduated From A Batterers Program, 2003 (co-authored with Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD)

When We Are Not Loved: Programs For Men Who Batter, 2003 (co-authored with Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD)

I Am Not Violent! Court Records Vs. Male Batterers Accounts Of Behavior That Led Them Into Treatment, 2003 (co-authored with Barbara Fisher-Townsend And Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD)

Blest Be The Tie That Binds: Factors Associated With Successful Completion Of A Treatment Program For Male Batterers Run By A Faith-Based Organization, 2003 (co-authored with Barbara Fisher-Townsend, MA, and Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD)*



“A Religious Response to Trafficking In Persons.” FaithTrust Institute, 2008

“Sharon’s Story.” Views From the Edge. 2005

“Speech to Congress.” The Other Journal. June 2004, vol.2, issue 1

“The Community Can Not Endorse Domestic Violence.” Family Times. February 2001, vol 13, issue 1


Chapter Contributions to Edited Volumes

“Relationship between Church Teaching and Violence in the Home.” Mutual By Design: A Better Model for Christian Marriage, Beyer & Nelson 2017

“What are the Links Between Domestic Violence, Trafficking and Prostitution? How Can the Church Address these Links to Aid Prevention?” Regnum Studies in Missions 2017

“Addressing Domestic Violence in our Religious Communities,” Baptist Women’s Association Division of Freedom and Justice 2015

“Men’s Violence in Pentecostal and Charismatic Environments,” Religion and Men’s Violence against Women, Andy Johnson, editor, Springer Publishing, 2014

“Abuse is Only One Part of the Journey” WILD: Women in Leadership Development” Fascinating Stories of Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Ministries. Grace Barnes, Gwen Dewey editors. Harmon Press. 2013

“I Am Not Violent: Men’s Experience In Group,” Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home. Wipf & Stock, 2008

“National Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders to Address Violence against Women,”, 2006

“Working with Evangelical Women,” A Handbook for Shelter Advocates. FaithTrust Institute, 2005

Creating Partnerships with Faith Communities to End Sexual Violence (C.O. Dopke, Ed). Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, 2002


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